Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Banner Battles

It's all about standing out from the crowd after all.  If you are attending business events you are often encouraged to take a pull up banner along. A great way to promote your business, these banners are lightweight and portable and give you an instant advert in any scenario. For trade stands or events of any sort what better way to catch the eye!

Designing your pull up banner is crucial especially when you may well be involved in a battle of the banners with your competitors. In what can be a sea of banners you need yours to stand out from the crowd. Colours and content are very important with many people cramming so much into the banner that it is rendered pretty much useless.

Less is always more and great design can make your banner stand out from the sea of banners. Your message needs to be clear and concise and should be designed to encourage the reader to take notice.

So if you are thinking about getting a banner to promote your business at events then think long and hard about how you can stand out from the crowd.

Monday, 5 June 2017


We evolved. Since it's conception in 2010 Getters has evolved as a business and so have the services we provide. The initial concept was to help customers to get more for their business. Really to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to get more business. Using my sales and marketing background I thought I could march into businesses and help them create more business by increasing their sales. I soon realized that although many businesses probably need more help in that sector most really need more prospective customers to talk to in the first place. So now we are in the lead generation business?

Well...kind of. Over time it became apparent that business owners knew they needed an on line presence but were a little scared of the prices being quoted by some companies and didn't really know where to start building their own. So we started to provide low cost websites for small businesses and then, as we were now designing websites it became a very small step to providing the design for printed products as well and then to be able to provide a complete design and print service.

As well as this along the way we have developed some great social media strategies for businesses to get traction on the major platforms.

Yes indeed we evolved into what we are now and our customers do the same. Working closely with our customers we can develop an understanding of their business and provide a tailor made service for them as they grow and evolve.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Twitter Business Fails

Often we talk to people about promoting their business on Twitter and all too often we are told the person running the business twitter is the office junior. The reason?...because they are young, they understand. 

A very powerful tool, twitter can get your business dramatic results if you do it right but put the wrong person in charge, or even worse you fail to understand how it works, and you could be in trouble. Here we show you some major fails, most are hilarious, some amazing but not if they are your brands.

Before a mass sacking find out how to control the twitter account
Be very careful if you create a #hashtag as Susan Boyle's management now know. There are two ways to read #susanalbumparty obviously susan album party is one way!
Twitter hashtag sessions can also go wrong as British Gas found out when they tried a question and answer session #AskBG

Meanwhile you should be careful not to let the twitter be controlled by anyone that might have slightly sexist views on the role of women. The England FA have since apologised.
 Bear in mind that everyone can see the replies to open messages and when people are a tad miffed the replies won't be great...BA!

 If you set a target make sure you reach it...
Or you will look rather silly and have to make something up, won't you Rita
Yep we all believe you Rita!

Sometimes an advertising idea can look kind of threatening like the "buy our cereal or kids will starve" message that wasn't quite thought through by Kelloggs. 
 Sometimes the people in control of your Twitter just forget which is their own account and which is the work one..

Sometimes you should just admit you gave the wrong person control of the Twitter account and your brand looks a tad, well.....not great!
That's nice from Nokia New Zealand, no less and this from one of America's top ticket sellers looking forward to a weekend off I guess.
 So maybe you should think twice about who runs your Twitter account, it could do more damage than you think.

Happy Tweeting

Monday, 6 June 2016

Manage Your Marketing Time

 Image result for calendar

Sat here after another full on day trying to get our website in order....yep it was tired, missing bits and nothing was finished off...I feel rather ashamed that it was in such a mess. I am reminded of friends I have in various trades who are the same. Builders whose own extensions aren't finished,  gardeners whose gardens are suffering from serious neglect, window cleaners who can't see out of their own windows and on and on. Sometimes you spend so much time on fulfilling your customers' every needs and then sorting more customers that you completely neglect your own "future" business. I have now allocated time every day to get our own house in order and sort our own marketing out. Shame on me!

I should know better, after all I spend a lot of time putting other people's marketing house in order I really should know better.  No excuses!

Time to read another book on time management, or maybe just put everything I should do into practice. It's so easily done and running any business involves discipline, as you know, so I am making sure time is set aside daily to sort our own marketing out! Right back to it......customers always come first!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Targeting has never been easier!

We work hard to get our customers noticed on line, helping them to get to grips with social media undoubtedly works really well and is a fantastic way to grow any business without spending a fortune. Whatever marketing you do as a business needs to be cost effective but if, for a little time and effort, you can engage with an audience on social media you can get great results and the only investment you will need is your time. By targeting your audience you can effectively select them by gender, age, location, profession.

I remember the pre internet age when you could only dream of reaching people in this way. All you could do then is target people in certain ways. Leaflet drops could be targeted to certain areas (and still can, of course). TV adverts could (and can) be targeted at certain programmes to reach certain people but they would still be a broad spectrum of ages etc. Radio also could be a great source of advertising but again you can't really target beyond the fact that they were listening to a certain programme. Of course newspaper advertising has always been a great way to target areas as well but readership is always hard to judge.

Before social media came along if had gone to a company and said I could reach any specific age group you want with certain professions living in a certain area with an advert, I think you would snap my hand off. That's basically what platforms like Facebook offer you and to someone marketing their business a few years ago would seem totally amazing and to be honest, it is.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Groups are more fun

Facebook Groups can get you places you didn't know you could get to! Yep definitely a place to go if you want to get to people outside of your friends group and outside the small group of page likers that Facebook actually let you get to is a group.

The best thing is it's free! Even better is that if you pick the right groups you can target the people you want to target. Many groups are set up for a reason, be that to sell things in an are or promote business in an area, maybe even to promote an interest to a group of like minded people.

So why not pick a group and start posting? No point falling foul of the posting police, so check out the rules of the group (many are set up by people who like to say say no to this that and the other) but many allow you to promote your business especially if you can do so without actually selling too obviously.

You might want to promote your business to other businesses locally and there are many groups for that or you might think a larger audience might be nice. Just search for groups, check out the rules, join and post away. Suddenly you are reaching far more people than you used to.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tweet To Who?

 Do you like the title? I thought long and hard about that! Who you tweet to and who sees your tweets have to be the number one factor in knowing your getting somewhere. Luckily Twitter provides all the facts and figures you need at your finger tips so you can see if you are heading the right direction.

If you are going to get some traction you need some good figures and I can looking at one of the accounts we manage that this month has been a good one although we haven't tweeted quite as much, we have achieved some great results:

  • Over 83k impressions
  • Over 400 profile views
  • Gained 16 followers

Wow not bad! We weren't looking for more followers on this account (16 is a bit pants if we were) but we were looking for more profile views and that has shot up by over 160%. This was gained by mainly by improving the impressions on this account by over 60% so not a bad result.

That's only a small insight into the approach you need to take when managing your twitter account. To understand more maybe you might visit one of our social media seminars coming shortly or even talk to us about managing it all for you.