Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tweet To Who?

 Do you like the title? I thought long and hard about that! Who you tweet to and who sees your tweets have to be the number one factor in knowing your getting somewhere. Luckily Twitter provides all the facts and figures you need at your finger tips so you can see if you are heading the right direction.

If you are going to get some traction you need some good figures and I can looking at one of the accounts we manage that this month has been a good one although we haven't tweeted quite as much, we have achieved some great results:

  • Over 83k impressions
  • Over 400 profile views
  • Gained 16 followers

Wow not bad! We weren't looking for more followers on this account (16 is a bit pants if we were) but we were looking for more profile views and that has shot up by over 160%. This was gained by mainly by improving the impressions on this account by over 60% so not a bad result.

That's only a small insight into the approach you need to take when managing your twitter account. To understand more maybe you might visit one of our social media seminars coming shortly or even talk to us about managing it all for you.

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