Monday, 6 June 2016

Manage Your Marketing Time

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Sat here after another full on day trying to get our website in order....yep it was tired, missing bits and nothing was finished off...I feel rather ashamed that it was in such a mess. I am reminded of friends I have in various trades who are the same. Builders whose own extensions aren't finished,  gardeners whose gardens are suffering from serious neglect, window cleaners who can't see out of their own windows and on and on. Sometimes you spend so much time on fulfilling your customers' every needs and then sorting more customers that you completely neglect your own "future" business. I have now allocated time every day to get our own house in order and sort our own marketing out. Shame on me!

I should know better, after all I spend a lot of time putting other people's marketing house in order I really should know better.  No excuses!

Time to read another book on time management, or maybe just put everything I should do into practice. It's so easily done and running any business involves discipline, as you know, so I am making sure time is set aside daily to sort our own marketing out! Right back to it......customers always come first!

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