Monday, 5 June 2017


We evolved. Since it's conception in 2010 Getters has evolved as a business and so have the services we provide. The initial concept was to help customers to get more for their business. Really to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to get more business. Using my sales and marketing background I thought I could march into businesses and help them create more business by increasing their sales. I soon realized that although many businesses probably need more help in that sector most really need more prospective customers to talk to in the first place. So now we are in the lead generation business?

Well...kind of. Over time it became apparent that business owners knew they needed an on line presence but were a little scared of the prices being quoted by some companies and didn't really know where to start building their own. So we started to provide low cost websites for small businesses and then, as we were now designing websites it became a very small step to providing the design for printed products as well and then to be able to provide a complete design and print service.

As well as this along the way we have developed some great social media strategies for businesses to get traction on the major platforms.

Yes indeed we evolved into what we are now and our customers do the same. Working closely with our customers we can develop an understanding of their business and provide a tailor made service for them as they grow and evolve.

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  1. Where are you now? Dishonest and corrupt, you no longer exist (allegedly)