Thursday, 2 June 2016

Targeting has never been easier!

We work hard to get our customers noticed on line, helping them to get to grips with social media undoubtedly works really well and is a fantastic way to grow any business without spending a fortune. Whatever marketing you do as a business needs to be cost effective but if, for a little time and effort, you can engage with an audience on social media you can get great results and the only investment you will need is your time. By targeting your audience you can effectively select them by gender, age, location, profession.

I remember the pre internet age when you could only dream of reaching people in this way. All you could do then is target people in certain ways. Leaflet drops could be targeted to certain areas (and still can, of course). TV adverts could (and can) be targeted at certain programmes to reach certain people but they would still be a broad spectrum of ages etc. Radio also could be a great source of advertising but again you can't really target beyond the fact that they were listening to a certain programme. Of course newspaper advertising has always been a great way to target areas as well but readership is always hard to judge.

Before social media came along if had gone to a company and said I could reach any specific age group you want with certain professions living in a certain area with an advert, I think you would snap my hand off. That's basically what platforms like Facebook offer you and to someone marketing their business a few years ago would seem totally amazing and to be honest, it is.

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