Friday, 22 July 2016

Twitter Business Fails

Often we talk to people about promoting their business on Twitter and all too often we are told the person running the business twitter is the office junior. The reason?...because they are young, they understand. 

A very powerful tool, twitter can get your business dramatic results if you do it right but put the wrong person in charge, or even worse you fail to understand how it works, and you could be in trouble. Here we show you some major fails, most are hilarious, some amazing but not if they are your brands.

Before a mass sacking find out how to control the twitter account
Be very careful if you create a #hashtag as Susan Boyle's management now know. There are two ways to read #susanalbumparty obviously susan album party is one way!
Twitter hashtag sessions can also go wrong as British Gas found out when they tried a question and answer session #AskBG

Meanwhile you should be careful not to let the twitter be controlled by anyone that might have slightly sexist views on the role of women. The England FA have since apologised.
 Bear in mind that everyone can see the replies to open messages and when people are a tad miffed the replies won't be great...BA!

 If you set a target make sure you reach it...
Or you will look rather silly and have to make something up, won't you Rita
Yep we all believe you Rita!

Sometimes an advertising idea can look kind of threatening like the "buy our cereal or kids will starve" message that wasn't quite thought through by Kelloggs. 
 Sometimes the people in control of your Twitter just forget which is their own account and which is the work one..

Sometimes you should just admit you gave the wrong person control of the Twitter account and your brand looks a tad, well.....not great!
That's nice from Nokia New Zealand, no less and this from one of America's top ticket sellers looking forward to a weekend off I guess.
 So maybe you should think twice about who runs your Twitter account, it could do more damage than you think.

Happy Tweeting

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